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Whale Watching Gold Coast - Book NOW for 2024

Whale Watching Gold Coast. The 2023 whale migration has been epic this year with record numbers of whales seen along the coast.  We’ve now opened bookings for 2024 and have EARLY BIRD pricing if you use the promo code WHALE2024 you’ll receive a 10% discount – so secure your seats and SAVE. We offer two amazing option including “Swim with Whales” and “Whale Watching” both assured to provide you with an amazing experience as we get up close and personal with these majestic creatures.  

Book Now for 2024 and SAVE
Gold Coast Whale Watching and Swimming

Swimming with Whales

Swim with Whales Gold Coast - 2024 - Early Bird price - Save 10%

Whale Watching Gold Coast

Small Boat Whale Watching Tours - 2024 - Early Bird price - Save 10%

Whale Watching, Scuba Diving, Boat Hire, Gold Coast / Aqua Adventures

Private Charter - Custom Whale Watching Adventure

Aqua Adventures - Gold Coast Whale Watching - Bookings now open for 2024.

Whale Watching, Scuba Diving, Boat Hire, Gold Coast / Aqua Adventures
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The 2023 season has been spectacular with many 1000’s of sightings of Humpback Whales already. However, as the whale migration only occurs between June and October you will need to book early for 2024 so you’re not disappointed.

If you would like to secure your front row seats, then jump into the booking page and lock in a date.  For as little as $119 per person we’re offering you guaranteed sightings of these amazing whales in 2024. Join us and watch the whales swimming north from early June to October 2024 or join us later in the season to watch as the whales migrate back south with their new borns. 

The ultimate experience is our “Swim with Whales” adventure.  The underwater experience will truly be a once in a life time experience and allows you to watch underwater as the whales swim by the boat.  

We would love to share our insanely cool Gold Coast ocean encounters with our non-diving ocean lovers. We offer unique swim-with-whales experiences, small boat whale watching adventures as well as boating cruises to South Stradbroke Island, showcasing the magnificent surroundings. Our Aqua Cruise Adventures are a dream for every amateur and professional photographer alike and are an absolute personalised experience.


Boarding and disembarking our vessel requires a certain level of mobility.

Our boat is not wheelchair friendly however, we are happy to assist you should you nevertheless prefer

to join our tour on a smaller vessel. We love to help. The minimum age for our guests is 12 years for legal reasons regarding life jackets. Families with small children may be better suited to join our bigger vessel, Game Changer as a observer on the swim with whales tour. Email us beforehand if you are unsure.

It is rare but it does happen that customers get a little splashed if seas are rough.

It’s all part of the adventure. We provide courtesy spray jackets to everyone just in case and also recommend to not bring unnecessary items onto the boat that could get water damaged.

Our point of difference is that we run our tours on a smaller vessel to provide a more unique experience with a private tour feel.

Our boat is a 7.66m rigid inflatable vessel with a shade canopy and seating for 10 people. It is large enough to be seagoing and to feel safe on. It handles exceptionally well and is very fast and powerful. Once on board you will also get a jet boat like feel during the ride.

Salty Kiss is not equipped with a toilet

But we have toilets at the marina so you will be able to visit the bathrooms just before we depart.

Game Changer is equipped with a marine toilet.

Be sun smart.

Wear long sleeved clothes, a hat, and sunglasses. Thongs are fine as well as closed shoes. Feel free to bring a rain jacket but we have some as well for your convenience.

Just bring your happy self. We have drinking water, hot tea and some snacks but feel free to bring your own drinking bottle but we do ask to avoid glass.

AQUA MARINA, Aqua Adventure Centre, 95 Marine Parade, Southport.

Check your booking confirmation and the tour description for the correct departure location. We will meet in the Aqua Marina Reception office, Look out for a sign that has our logo on it and the writing ‘Marina Office’.. If you arrive early, please wait near the meeting point sign.


Whale Watching, Scuba Diving, Boat Hire, Gold Coast / Aqua Adventures

Aqua Cruise is a proud member of the Aqua Adventures family. We are a true Ocean Adventure Company, operating in our backyard, the beautiful Gold Coast.

Aqua Cruise’s mission is to Explore, Educate and to Protect our marine environment for us and future generations. All our eco tours facilitate unique coastal interactions by minimising impact to the environment.

Sea the Gold Coast proudly supports research projects such as Humpbacks and High-rises, Dolphin Research Australia, Sea Shepherd, and others along the Gold Coast shoreline.

Whale Watching, Scuba Diving, Boat Hire, Gold Coast / Aqua Adventures

Our Boats

Whale Watching, Scuba Diving, Boat Hire, Gold Coast / Aqua Adventures

Our two custom built adventure boats are Salty Kiss at 7.66 m and Big Blue 1 at 8m in length.

Salty Kiss, our smaller semi-inflatable vessel provides an unparalleled intimate experience with the ocean. She truly has seen it all. The compact size of this boat makes our experiences unique and special as we create a personal and private atmosphere with no more than 10 guests.

whale watching tour gold coast

Big Blue 1 is our primary whale watching vessel. She is an 8m long, semi-inflatable, rigid hull adventure boat with a capacity of 12 guests.  The vessel provides an incredibly intimate feel of closeness to the water and has optional clears that provide protection from the weather when required. Due to its small size and quiet engine, whales love to check out this boat.  Multiple access points ensures easy water entry and exit, essential for getting swimmers into the water when the whales come out to play.

Book Your Tour for Whale Watching on the Gold Coast

Join us on our whale-watching tours on the Gold Coast and marvel at the beauty of these majestic creatures. Mother Nature has bestowed us with some beautiful creations, and whales are one of the most dignified and mesmerising creatures to look at. Experience the beauty of these large mammals up close. At Aqua Adventures, we run cruises and tours for some of the best whale watching on the Gold Coast

We are now open for bookings for Gold Coast whale watching season 2023. We have been doing this for years now and have experts who can track and predict the movements of these majestic whales. Aqua Adventures gives you a 100% guarantee on whale sightings for our whale-watching tours on the Gold Coast. Make your bookings to get our Early Bird discount.

Experience the Best Whale Watching Cruise on the Gold Coast


Get onboard with us for whale watching on the Gold Coast and experience a magical time on the cerulean blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Take a cruise with us and get a chance to see the Humpback whale in its natural environment.

As you join us on the whale-watching cruise on the Gold Coast, watch a sight to behold as the whales pass through in front of you. See their spectacular fins dance in the air, watch as mothers lovingly guide their calves, and be slack-jawed as these gentle giants look at you curiously as they shyly approach the cruise vessel. 

We also offer VIP whale-watching on the Gold Coast if you have a selective group travelling with you. Book the entire cruise for your private party and watch the whales as they play around in their natural habitat. 

When you book our whale-watching tours on the Gold Coast, always keep your camera ready. In addition to whale sightings, you can also expect to see other marine life, such as dolphins, sea turtles, colourful fishes, and a wide variety of sea birds. Every moment you spend on the cruise promises to be exciting and photo-worthy! 

Why Choose Us?

We love and live for the ocean

At Aqua Adventures, our mission is to explore, educate, and protect our marine environment for us and future generations. We conduct all our tours, ensuring minimal impact on the environment. Enjoy the best of what the ocean has to offer to us without harming the natural habitat.

Well-equipped boats

We have two custom-built boats used for our whale-watching tours – Salty Kiss at 7.66 m and Game Changer at 11.99m in length. The first boat is a small semi-inflatable vessel, and its compact size makes for an intimate and up-close whale-watching experience. The second boat is a stable catamaran design and is ideal for large groups of whale watching.

Swim with the whales

We also offer special tours for swimming with the whales. Get a chance to swim beside humpback whales and have an experience of a lifetime. The Game Changer vessel has a large swim platform ensuring easy water entry and exit, which allows swimmers to get into the water when the whales come out to play.

Aqua Adventures Whale Watching Tours on the Gold Coast

Whale Watching, Scuba Diving, Boat Hire, Gold Coast / Aqua Adventures
Join our whale-watching tours on the Gold Coast for an unforgettable experience you’ll cherish forever. Watch in awe as the majestic creatures swim in the ocean in front of you and get a chance to get up close with these gentle giants.