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Snorkelling Tour Gold Coast at Wave Break Island snorkel tour on the Gold Coast. We are the only Dive Center in the Gold Coast that has been accredited by PADI as a Five Star Instructor Development Center and is the Gold Coast’s only school that offers amateur courses and professional instructor training courses in both English and Japanese.

Experience Snorkelling Tour Gold Coast at Wave Break Island. A variety of marine life on our daily guided snorkel tour. There’s a possibility to see Dolphins, Damsel fish, Rays and many more. This 2.5 hour experience includes about 2 hours of water time. Pristine snorkelling, premium snorkel gear, snorkel instruction, life vests, noodles and Reef Safe sunscreen. Create your memories at Wave Break island snorkel tour on the Gold Coast.

While we encourage our guests to bring their own mask, fins and snorkels. We DO NOT allow the use of full-face masks on our excursions aboard the vessel, Game Changer. During snorkelling activity, the need for more oxygen requires us to breathe faster. With a full-face mask, some of the exhaled carbon dioxide may not fully exit the device and it is possible to breathe in the contaminated air. This has potential to lead to unconsciousness and fatalities. As a result of many full-faced mask incidents, many snorkel tour operators, SCUBA companies in the Australia have prohibited the use of full-face masks.

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Indulge in a one-of-kind unique adventure with Wave Break Island snorkelling tours. Experience the rush of adrenaline as you dive deep into the ocean. Revel in awe as you get a chance to see underwater creatures from up-close.

Wave Break Island - The Top Spot for Snorkelling in Gold Coast

Constructed in 1985

The Wave Break Island is a man-made island  created to protect the western foreshore of the Gold Coast Broadwater from waves, high tides and currents. This island keeps the deep entrance to the ocean permanently stabilised and prevents land erosion in the area. The Wave Break Island provides a sheltered calm site ideal for snorkelling on Gold Coast and other water activities like boating, surfing, etc.

Wave Break Island in Australia

Is one of the best deep diving spots for snorkelling and scuba diving. The northern rock wall of the island is home to up to 50 different species of fish. Put on some snorkelling gear and take a deep dive into the crystal clear blue waters for an exhilarating Gold Coast snorkelling experience.

Wave Break Island snorkelling tours

Are suitable for both beginners and diving enthusiasts. This man-made island keeps the ocean swelling away, thus ensuring totally calm and undisturbed waters. Tourists are assured of a fantastic time with our snorkelling packages. Get a chance to play with the multi-coloured fishes found underwater in depths ranging from 0 – 15 metres. You will have a snorkelling guide who will instruct you on how to hand-feed the fish and also click some cool snaps of you.

At Aqua Adventures

We conduct ocean tours and guided tour packages for snorkelling on Gold Coast at the Wave Break Island. In addition to hundreds of small fishes, you can also expect to see some friendly dolphins, sea angels, turtles, manta rays, and many more exciting sea creatures.


The most essential snorkelling equipment includes a snorkelling mask, fins, and the snorkel breathing apparatus. When you dive underwater, the snorkel breathing tube is your only source of oxygen.

The snorkelling mask

Is like a giant pair of goggles that covers the upper half of your face and allows you to see clearly. And the final piece in your snorkelling gear is the snorkelling fins, which enable you to swim in the ocean more easily.

Snorkelling on Gold Coast can be enjoyed all around the year. Tourists just need to ensure that the weather is not rainy or stormy. Considering this, the best time to enjoy such adventurous water activities on the Gold Coast is during the summer months. The period from April to June is ideal for snorkelling tours on the Gold Coast.

Snorkelling packages on the Gold Coast can typically last for a duration ranging between 45 minutes to 4 hours.

At Aqua Adventures

You can enjoy a 2.5-hour experience on our Wave Break Island snorkelling tour. We provide about 2 hours of diving time and include snorkelling gear, an instructor, and life vests.

There is no minimum age requirement for snorkelling on the Gold Coast. People of all ages can have the lovely experience of swimming with the multi-coloured fishes underwater. This is why snorkelling packages are so popular among families, as everyone can enjoy it.

Many diving companies that offer private snorkelling tours on the Gold Coast. Tourists can book a personalised boat solely for their group. They also get personal dive instructors and a longer window of diving time. The group can enjoy snacks or soups on the boat between their dives. To book such a customised experience, contact Aqua Adventures.

The Wave Break Island on the Gold Coast is home to several button-nose dolphins. Choose the Wave Break Island snorkelling tour at Aqua Adventures and make your wish come true for snorkelling among super-friendly dolphins.

Yes, several guided snorkelling tours are available for tourists on the Gold Coast. You can pick any package that suits you the best and book yourself an unforgettable experience. Check out the snorkelling packages offered by Aqua Adventures to know more.

There is no minimum age requirement for children to go snorkelling on the Gold Coast. The activity is allowed for all age groups.