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Project AWARE Specialist Course

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Project AWARE Specialist Course. We are the only Dive Center in the Gold Coast that has been accredited by PADI as a Five Star Instructor Development Center and is the Gold Coast’s only school that offers amateur courses and professional instructor training courses in both English and Japanese.

The Project AWARE Specialist Course serves as a fundamental gateway to the worldwide Project AWARE movement. Which tirelessly champions the cause of ocean conservation. This course places a strong emphasis on the 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet. Which serve as a guiding framework for responsible and sustainable diving practices. Through dynamic and interactive discussions, participants are not only educated but inspired to take tangible actions for ocean preservation on every dive and during their travels.

One remarkable feature of this The Project AWARE Specialist Course is its inclusivity. It warmly welcomes divers and non-divers alike. It unveils the complex tapestry of connections between human decisions, whether on the surface or beneath the waves. Thus having a profound impact they have on our planet’s aquatic ecosystems.

In the absence of actual diving, the course offers a ‘fins off’ approach. This focus on the broader picture of how our choices affect our water planet. It encourages individuals to look beyond the surface, recognising that every decision, no matter how seemingly small, plays a role in the health and sustainability of our oceans.


Through classroom workshops, you will:

  • Be introduced to the Project AWARE movement.
  • Understand the 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet.
  • Develop an action plan for how you can personally make a difference


You can read all about the 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet on the Project AWARE website. Stop by your local PADI Dive Center and Resort to enroll in the The Project AWARE Specialist Course and make personal commitments to help the environment. Project AWARE Specialist Course.

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Duration: 1 Days (approx.)

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

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