Scuba Diving Gold Coast

Aqua Adventures (formerly Surfers Paradise Divers) is the only PADI 5* Instructor Development Centre on the Gold Coast. It has been around for more than 30 years. With such a long history, we have developed an experienced team of instructors. We are able to offer everything from beginner lessons to Master Instructor certification. Owning our own fleet of boats, which are perfectly suited to provide any kind of scuba diving Gold Coast experience you want.

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Scuba Diving Gold Coast Dive Center has been accredited by PADI as a Five Star Instructor Development Center. Furthermore we are the Gold Coast’s school that offers amateur courses and professional instructor training courses in both English and Japanese.

Firstly here at Aqua Adventures we are a scuba diving Gold Coast company that specializes in making the experience as safe and enjoyable as possible. We have won many awards for safety standards and service. We are committed to providing each customer with an unforgettable dive experience.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced diver, Gold Coast scuba diving has everything you need. Specifically our state-of-the-art vessels to our high-quality rental gear, thus making sure your trip on the water will be one worth remembering for life long memories!

Intro Experiences - TRY Snorkelling and Scuba

Scuba Diving Gold Coast

Firstly, Aqua Adventures is the best place to get your feet wet with scuba diving and snorkelling on the Gold Coast. Specifically we offer a fun, safe and easy introduction to these exhilarating activities that will have you hooked for life. Above all you’ll be introduced to different fish species and learn all the steps it takes to become certified from our PADI qualified instructors.

Secondly, In the realm of underwater exploration, Aqua Dive Gold Coast offers a far-from-ordinary diving adventure.

Our primary goal

Is to ensure that you not only revel in the depths of the ocean. But also depart with a newfound sense of expertise. At Aqua Dive, we invite you to join us and embark on an unforgettable journey beneath the waves.

Our commitment

To providing an exceptional underwater experience ensures that your time with us will be nothing short of extraordinary. You’ll immerse yourself in the captivating world of marine life. The return home with cherished memories of a unique and enriching adventure.

Kids Suba Lessons - Gold Coast

Scuba Diving Gold Coast

Aqua Adventures “Bubble Mates” is the perfect way to get your kids into scuba diving! Specifically our PADI endorsed program is designed for 8–11-year-olds. Furthermore our experienced instructors will teach them everything they need to know about scuba diving on the Gold Coast. In essence, making it fun and interactive with games and activities.

Since no prior experience required, our scuba diving lessons begin from the basics. This makes it easily accessible for all. Delve into the mesmerising underwater realm. Live an awe-inspiring adventure that will capture your children’s hearts on their inaugural plunge.

Enrol your little ones today in Aqua Dive’s “Bubble Mates” programme.

It offers the finest scuba instruction in the city, all at the most affordable rates.

PADI Courses Gold Coast

Aqua Adventures

Welcome to the exciting world of Aqua Adventures! As a certified PADI diver, you unlock a world of adventure that awaits you in all corners of the globe. You join a global community of ocean defenders who share your passion for exploration and protection.

Your Scuba Diving Gold Coast journey is entirely your own

And after earning your first diving certification (Open Water Diver), you may feel overwhelmed by all the options available to you. But don’t worry – we are united by our love of the underwater world, and we are here to help you every step of the way. Whether you’re looking to explore shipwrecks, caves, or reefs, or you’re interested in photography or videography, we have something for everyone.

Certified Diving Adventures Gold Coast

Aqua Adventures

At Aqua Adventures, we want to give you an underwater adventure that you’ll never forget. Our dive charters take you to the best reefs and wrecks on the Gold Coast, so you can explore everything these beautiful waters have to offer.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced diver

We’ve got something for everyone! And if you’re looking for a day trip or a longer excursion, we offer dive trips to some of the best destinations around here. So come join us on an adventure today!

Pro Internship Gold Coast

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Aqua Adventures Gold Coast is the place to be for anyone looking to start or further their career in diving! With our wide range of courses, we can help you achieve your dreams and become a certified PADI Divemaster or Instructor.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team will make sure you have everything you need to become an expert diver and explore the amazing underwater world. So come on down to Aqua Dive Gold Coast today!

Dive Club Gold Coast

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Looking for an amazing dive club on the Gold Coast? Look no further than Aqua Dive! We are the discerning diver’s choice for quality scuba instruction and diving experiences. Established in 2020, we have quickly become one of the most popular clubs in the area.

Our members love our relaxed atmosphere, and we hold regular socials to meet new people and enjoy a BBQ & Beer. We also have interesting scuba topic talks after

Saturday/Sunday dives

Plus, we offer regular dive events, both at our dive centre and further afield. When you join Aqua Dive, you become part of our family and enjoy loads of great benefits!