Aqua Hire Gold Coast

Kayak Hire Gold Coast

Kayak Hire Gold Coast. Formally Called Mac’s Boat Hire Southport Gold Coast tinnie hire, four person and 6 person boats with no boat license required, fuel included and open 7am – 4pm daily. A car drivers license is necessary for identification only to hire your own tinnie on the Gold Coast.

Welcome to Aqua Hire! At our establishment, we proudly present Kayak Hire Gold Coast within the sheltered confines of our bay, ensuring an unparalleled water-based escapade. Our inventory comprises state-of-the-art kayaks, meticulously selected to enhance your experience while exploring the exquisite shoreline. Our dedicated and seasoned personnel are readily available to furnish you with invaluable guidance and recommendations, assuring an exceptional outing. So why wait? Join us and immerse yourself in the pleasures of basking under the glorious sunshine while relishing the aquatic realm.

Here at Aqua Hire

Wwe take immense pride in offering a Kayak Hire experience that encapsulates the essence of the Gold Coast’s natural beauty. Our location, nestled within a protected bay, provides an ideal setting for both novice and experienced kayakers alike. As you embark on your aquatic journey, you’ll find our kayaks to be of superior quality, carefully chosen to ensure stability, agility, and comfort, enabling you to fully appreciate the mesmerising coastal vistas that unfold before you.

Our team of knowledgeable and friendly experts

Are on standby to offer comprehensive assistance, from providing essential safety tips to suggesting the best routes and must-see sights along the Gold Coast. Whether you’re seeking a serene solo paddle along the calm waters or planning an adventurous exploration with friends and family, Aqua Hire caters to all preferences.

Incorporate some much-needed fun and relaxation

Into your day by partaking in this unforgettable kayaking experience. Make your way to Aqua Hire and discover the boundless treasures of the Gold Coast’s waters. Create lasting memories, soak up the warm rays of the sun, and relish the unparalleled joy that comes with every stroke of your paddle. Join us today and let the waters of our bay become the canvas for your unforgettable aquatic adventure.

$20 per hour

Duration: Hourly

Includes: Life Jacket and Paddle

Optional: Fishing Rod, Mask and Snorkel Set 

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland