The best places to Scuba Dive and Snorkel on the Gold Coast

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Best Dives Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is truly a divers paradise and home to the Best Dives Gold Coast. Thus home to several islands, shipwrecks and stunning reefs all bursting with life, adventure seekers and scuba divers are spoilt for choice. Albeit you could simply just visit SeaWorld to see an array of sealife. But there is nothing quite like witnessing them in their natural habitat. So, where are the best places to scuba dive and snorkel on the Gold Coast? Here are some of our favourite dive locations you won’t want to leave off your bucket list.

 Palm Beach Reef

Palm Beach Reef is a dive that will not disappoint any diver. Overall it is home to the largest coral reef system on the Gold Coast and perfect for divers of all skill levels. Also, the natural reef is about 900m+ long and about 400m wide and is divided into several individual dive sites. Keep your eyes out for leopard sharks, wobbegong sharks, sea turtles, and more beautiful sealife.

Scottish Prince Wreck

Just 800 meters off the Gold Coast’s Southport Spit You will find the Scottish Prince – the wreck of a three steel-mastered, 64 iron barque ship which sank as it was sailing from Glasgow, Scotland to Brisbane. These days, the Scottish Prince is covered in soft corals and sponges. Making it a haven for crayfish, shovelnose rays, brown-banded cat sharks, wobbegong sharks, and other tropical fish. There isn’t much access to the inside of the wreck. however a variety of marine life will pop their heads out to say hello. With visibility typically around 6-20 meters, this is an ideal year-round dive location.

Gold Coast Seaway

Featuring an abundance of marine life, the Gold Coast Seaway offers numerous different dive sites. For varying degrees of experience, skill level and conditions. Also located at the end of Seaworld Drive in Main Beach, it is one of the most accessible yet most loved dive sites on the Gold Coast. Consequently there are several different sites you can explore. One being an elevated pipeline that runs across the Seaway which is a place the Queensland Groper’s like to hang out! Depending on which site you visit, there is an incredibly diverse range of sea life. Discover including lionfish, trevallies, flathead, wobbegong sharks, turtles, seahorses, tiger prawns, rays, and the list goes on!

Wavebreak Island

Located nearby the Gold Coast Seaway is Wavebreak Island, a man made sand island. Here both divers and snorkelers can experience a variety of colourful marine life. There’s a possibility to see Dolphins, Rays, lots of smaller fish species, Sea Turtles and more. Also, the main dive area is the northern training wall. Providing a protected, calm water diving site making it the perfect spot for beginners and scuba diving courses. If you are interested in a PADI Scuba Diving course, you can view our course offerings here.

Wonder Reef

The Wonder Reef is the world’s first buoyant reef and is located right here on the Gold Coast! It is made up of nine giant structural reefs. Home to some of the Gold Coast’s most beautiful marine life. Mostly suitable for advanced divers, the Wonder Reef dive site is located just 2.5km offshore. Approximately a 10 minute boat ride and soars 22 metres above the seafloor. As the coral continues to develop, this ever-evolving ecosystem will continue to be inhibited by even more marine life. The Gold Coast Wonder Reef is unlike anything else – it is definitely a dive that should not be left on any divers bucket list!

Whether you’re an experienced diver or a complete novice, there is an underwater world waiting for you to explore along this world famous stretch of coastline. To learn more about our range of scuba diving and snorkelling activities, contact our team on 0755917117 or simply visit our website  We look forward to helping you explore the world beneath the surface!

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